Wheel of Fortune, or Big Six

Not to be confused with the video slot game of the same name the Wheel of Fortune can be fun as a diversion from the more intense table games. Also called Big Six because the ornate wooden wheel is 6 feet in diameter, the Wheel of Fortune is divided into nine sections, each of which is further divided into six pockets. This gives the wheel a total of 54 pockets, each holding one of the symbols you can bet on. These symbols include U.S. currency bills of $1, $2, $5, $ 10, and $20 denominations and two other symbols, usually the casino’s logo and a joker. The wheel symbols are reproduced on a table layout and determine the amount of the payoff when the wheel stops on them. For instance, if the wheel stops on a $1 bill, the players who bet -on the corresponding bill on the layout are paid 1-1. If it lands on the $10 bill, those players are rewarded at 10-1 odds. The two noncurrency symbols, the casino logo and joker, usually pay at 40-1 or 45-1. There’s no standard wheel, but most Big Six wheels have the following symbols: 
Symbols Chances
$ 1 24
$2 15
$5 7
$10 4
$20 2
House 1
joker I

Obviously with odds of 53-1 of hitting either the house or joker symbol, the Wheel of Fortune is a difficult game to win. And with payoffs of only 40-1 or 45-1, the house advantage is among the highest in the casino.